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What is tabulo?
the symbols
video examples

With tabulo-online you can create a great variety of printed picture boards, picture cards, communication boards, insert sheets for Talker and teaching materials for Augmentative and Alternative Communication - quickly and easily.

Tabulo online contains the METACOM symbol system. More than 8000 very clear and understandable symbols are available, designed and drawn by Annette Kitzinger, a graphic designer with years of experience in AAC.

I saved time thanks to tabulo-online. It's home time already.tabulo is online now

With tabulo-online you can easily:

  • change the caption of the symbols (on top and bottom)
  • change the font size of the caption
  • choose the text alignment (left, center, right)
  • set the background color, text color and border color
  • set the border width
  • make use of transparency and layers to combine symbols
  • set the size and position of the symbols
  • adjust symbols on the sheet accurate to the millimeter
  • and much more

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